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Cancer insurance program of VTB Insurance earns recognition of experts in HR and social functions of companies

03 March 2014

First Deputy General Director for Development and Sales of VTB Insurance Oleg Merkulov presented the new approach in the insurance against cancer and other critical diseases on the corporate market at the Affordable Medical Solutions for Companies conference – Manage Health! ("Upravlyai Zdorovyem!") program.

Manage Health! is a modified Cancer Aid program by VTB Insurance. Cancer remains one of the most challenging problems for the Russian and the global healthcare. Over 500,000 new cases of malignant neoplasm were registered in Russia in 2014. This indicator is growing annually.

The Manage Health! insurance program offers a high quality financial cover for the company's employee and his/her family in case cancer is diagnosed. The majority of existing Voluntary Medical Insurance (VMI) programs excludes cancer risks from the coverage. The Manage Health! product unique for the Russian insurance market makes possible for companies to provide a significant social protection to their employees with minimal cash costs.

It is critical that in addition to the cash compensation when diagnosing cancer or another critical disease the insured is included into the unique support system covering diagnosis validation by high-skilled physicians, development of an efficient disease combating plan and organization of care in Russian and overseas clinics. Companies can implement the Manage Health! program either to complement effective VMI programs or as an independent insurance coverage.

Managers of companies from different industries responsible for acquisition and use of medical insurance services, executives of HR and social functions of corporations, representatives of leading medical clinics and medical service providers, insurers, Russian and international experts in the medical insurance area took part in activities of the Affordable Medical Solutions for Companies conference. Specialists believe the new product of VTB Insurance is highly attractive for companies that are indeed responsible for health of their employees. The rollout of the Manage Health! program will help companies in shaping and strengthening the image of the socially responsible and attractive employer.

VTB Insurance was founded in 2000 and is affiliated with the largest international financial group VTB. VTB Insurance's equity totals 7.7 bln rubles ($154.3m). Branches and sales outlets of the company are operating in more than 90 largest Russian cities. The insurer is ranked among ten largest market participants. The company has the highest strength ratings of Russian and international agencies.