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Risk management is at the heart of any sustainable business. We offer integrated insurance solutions that protect large and small businesses wherever they operate.

Why should you choose VTB Insurance?

  • We have been active in the insurance market since 2000, consistently providing a wide range of award-winning insurance services for our clients.
  • Our company is a top 10 market player.
  • VTB Insurance holds the highest ratings from Russian and international agencies (A++ from Expert RA), the highest ratings of all Russian-owned insurance companies.
  • Our clients include businesses engaged in the defence industry, water and air transport, woodwork, coal mining, chemicals, power engineering, civil construction, finance, commerce, and energy.
  • We reinsure our portfolio with leading international and Russian insurance and reinsurance groups.
  • VTB Insurance’s branches and outlets operate in over 50 of Russia’s largest cities.
  • VTB Insurance ranks among the fastest growing market players.

VTB Insurance is the winner of the Finance 2009 award for Aggressive Growth in Insurance Market and Expert RA’s awards for Headstart, Strong Business Growth, and Aggressive Bancassurance Growth.

Our company also holds a Bancassurance Leader Diploma for Strategic Bank Partnership Programmes.

If you have any questions about our insurance contracts, please feel free to contact us on

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