Solutions for individuals - ВТБ Страхование

General insurance is the easiest and most reliable way to protect you and your loved ones from financial loss.

General insurance covers damage caused by:

  • fire, lightning, and explosions;
  • natural disasters;
  • leakages (of water or other liquids; in sewage, heating or fire systems; or from adjacent premises);
  • third party liabilities;
  • physical damage (aircraft crashes or damage caused by debris, trees or other objects, motor vehicle collisions);
  • voltage spikes and surges (coverage limited to household appliances and utility systems only);
  • acts of terrorism (subject to agreement).

Homeowner’s liability insurance may also be subject to agreement. Third party liability insurance will protect you in the event of damage caused to the lives, wellbeing and/or property of your neighbours.

We provide:

  • free property appraisal;
  • optional instalment plans;
  • insurance without prior examination (up to a certain coverage amount);
  • insurance without itemised property lists (up to a certain coverage amount). All you have to do is organise;
  • your household effects into categories and specify a coverage amount for each category;
  • personal approach, with special terms and conditions for seniors, as well as war and armed conflict veterans;
  • beneficial terms on policy renewals.

Please, call and ask any questions on insurance contracts:

+7 495 644 4440 or 8 800 100 4440 (toll-free in Russia)

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